Dowel Sleeve / Nail Plates

To enhance the performance of steel dowels, dowel sleeves are commonly used in dowel construction. The sleeves of dowels are cylindrical or square components made from high-strength steel or PVC. In the construction of concrete slabs, pavements, and other structures, they are designed to fit over steel dowels and provide additional benefits.

The use of dowel sleeves speeds up the installation process. Dowel bars are connected to the formwork prior to the first pour, which facilitates accurate placement of the bars.

Steel dowels can be protected from corrosion, abrasion, and other forms of wear and tear with the help of dowel sleeves. As a result, the dowel has a significantly longer service life and maintenance costs have been reduced.

Danley - Dowelmaster
Dowelmaster sleeves are multi-directional plastic sleeves suitable for
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Danley - Speed Sleeve
Speed Sleeve is designed to be used with
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