The purpose of plasticizers is to increase the workability of concrete mixtures, making it easier to work with and finish. Adding these substances in small quantities helps to reduce the water content in the concrete mix, making it more fluid and viscous while maintaining its strength.

When plasticizers are used in concrete construction, greater control is possible during placement and finishing, reducing the risk of cracking and ensuring a smooth and uniform surface. In applications such as architectural concrete, this is particularly useful when a high degree of finish is required.

In the construction of concrete, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the correct quantity of plasticizers. Concrete can become less durable if plasticizers are used excessively as they can reduce strength, increase shrinkage, and cause the concrete to lose durability. Additionally, when selecting the right plasticizer, it is important to take into account the type of concrete mix, the curing conditions, and the desired properties of the finished product.

Sika ViscoCrete 10 - High Range Water Reducer Retarder
Third generation superplasticiser for concrete and mortar. It
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Sika Viscocrete 20HE - High Range Water Reducer
Sika ViscoCrete-20 HE is suitable for the production
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