Grout Tubes

Grout tubes are cast into precast panels and elements which create a void to locate and connect the elements together using starter bars or dowel bars. Once the elements are placed in the desired position, the grout tubes are filled with grout, making it a permanent joint.

Spiral ducts sold at Grano Direct are available in Metal and HDPE, Metal spiral grout tubes are available in Ø40 mm to Ø140 mm dia and HDPE spiral ducts are available in Ø40 mm to Ø140 mm dia. The Spiral metal and plastic ducts are available in 2.9 M, 5.8 M and custom lengths. 

HDPE spiral tubes are recommended for use in wetter areas and up-stands

To save your time, we can also cut duct tubes in required sizes.

Along with Spiral metal duct we keep stock of specially designed elbows, these elbows fit quickly and perfectly on the grout tube. The elbows are available in 45º and 90º angle.

Our spiral grout tube accessories range include, grout tube locators, nail plates and grout tube chairs.

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Duct Tape
Duct Tape | Professional grade adhesion, Ideal
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Galvanised Metal Spiral Grout Tube
Coating consistency through QC measures.
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Plastic/HDPE Grout Tube
Perform better in challenging temperatures
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45° Elbows
Better flow angle, Economic solution
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90° Elbows
Competitively priced with the PVC plumbing elbow.
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Grout Tube Locators
Superior raw materials and thicker plastic
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Nail Plate
Nail plates to suit grout tube locators
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Grout Tube Chair
Designed to hold the far end of the
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