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Masterfinish Aluminium Bullfloats
The tilt of the blade is adjustable and
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Marshalltown Magnesium Floats
Magnesium floats produce a smoother finish than wood
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Masterfinish Poles
Masterfinish poles are widely used for many, brooms
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Marshalltown Magnesium Bull Floats
Lightweight and long wearing
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Excel Oblong Non-Skid Floor Float
Blades are formed from stainless steel
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Masterfinish Steel Floats
The floats feature a long-wearing robust steel blade
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OX Pro Walking Float
High-Grade Stainless Steel Blade
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Marco Pesaro Pan Floats
Made from Long-wearing stainless steel blade
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Masterfinish Wood Floats
Made from long-wearing hardwood
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OX Professional Timber Float
One Piece Ergonomic Plastic Handle
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Spear & Jackson Poly Floats
One Piece Handle and Base
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