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Aftek - Fairing Coat Mortar
Aftek Fairing Coat Mortar cures to an exceptionally
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Aftek - Penapatch Panel LW
Penapatch Panel LW is a fine filled, polymer
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Fosroc - Renderoc FC
Polymer modified fairing mortar, to cover surface imperfections,
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Fosroc - Renderoc HB40
High performance, medium weight, very low shrinkage, patch
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Fosroc - Renderoc HB70
High performance, high strength, very low shrinkage, patch
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GranoPatch Smooth
GranoPatch Smooth is a versatile smooth patching compound
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Hikoki-Hitachi 1/4 Sheet Orbital Palm Sander - SV12SG(H1Z)
Excellent dust collection with standard dust bag
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Hikoki-Hitachi 125mm Random Orbital Sander - SV13YB(H1Z)
Random orbit sanding action for smooth finishes
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Makita 1/2 Sheet Orbital Sander - 9046
Hook and loop with large lever clamp paper
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Makita 1/2 Sheet Orbital Sander -BO4900V
Dial up electronic variable speed control
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Makita 1/3 Sheet Orbital Sander - BO3710X
Spring lever clamp paper fastening system
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Makita 1/4 Sheet Finishing Sander - BO4556K
Spring lever clamp fastening system
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