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Hinge Connectors, End Connector, Camlock, 90° Corner Joiner

Available Options

Hinge Connectors

Item Length Wide Height
Con-Form 90mm to 90mm Hinge Connector 260 mm 37 mm 90 mm
90mm to Super Flex Hinger Connector 206mm 37 mm 90 mm
90mm Super Flex to Super Flex Hinge Connector 155 mm 37 mm 90 mm
150mm Con-Form Hinge Connector 206 mm 37 mm 150 mm
200mm to 200mm Hinge Connector 286 mm 37 mm 200 mm

End Connector

End Connector 75mm
End Connector 90mm
End Connector 150mm
End Connector 200mm


Code Item
5087 Con-form Camlock

90° Corner Joiner

Form corners without cutting the Con-Form boards

Code Item
10713 90° Corner Joiner

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