Protecting Australian buildings for over 50 years, Emer offers complete waterproofing, decorative and protective coating system solutions for commercial and residential use.

The Emer range includes:

Emer-Patch - A range of concrete repair products for various vertical, overhead and trafficable applications

Emer-Seal - A high performance joint sealant range incorporating traditional polyurethane and new SMP technology.

Emer-Proof - A complete range of waterproofing solutions for a variety of external applications. The range includes waterproofing membranes that are suitable for below and above-ground applications for new and existing substrates, from basement to roof top.

Emer-Clad Preparation Patch Repair
Medium-weight concrete repair mortar supplied as a ready-to-
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Emer-Patch HAR
High grab concrete repair bonding agent. For use with Emer-P
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Emer-Patch High Build
Concrete repairs where its lighter weight nature and high bu
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Emer-Patch Repair 40
Medium weight, shrinkage compensated concrete patch repair m
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Emer-Patch Repair Horizontal Quick Set
Fast setting, shrinkage compensated floor, pavement and join
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Emer-Patch Skim Coat
Cementitious fairing mortar (0mm to 3mm thickness) to cover
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Emer-Proof Butyl Rubber Floor Waste Detailing Collar
A fleece fabric square with a rear butyl rubber layer to ena
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Emer-Proof EJB Corners
Elastic Joint Band System is a combination of tape and detai
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Emer-Proof Joint Sealing Tape
A nitrite butane rubber flexible bond breaking tape with pol
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Emer-Proof Silane Sealer
A clear, penetrating, water repellent silane-siloxane sealer
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Emer-Seal Paintable FC
High performance, fast curing, paintable joint sealant. Use
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Emer-Proof Vapour Control
Two-component, matt to semi-gloss epoxy coating.
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Emer-Proof Advanced
Solvent free polyurethane membrane designed for a wide range
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Emer-Proof Landscape
High performance single component water based bituminous rub
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Emer-Proof Primer Non Porous
Specifically designed with adhesion-enhancing properties for
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Emer-Proof Primer Porous
Single component fast drying primer that provides excellent
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Emer-Proof Quick Dry
Water-based, fast drying, flexible two component, polymer mo
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Emer-Proof Top Coat
Acrylic hybrid hard-wearing top coat designed for external a
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